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Hands-On Dinner Parties and Apple Muffins

I made a batch of apple muffins because I was wallowing. I thought about lying and telling you I made them because the air is crisp and the leaves are changing. Perhaps I should say the smoke from my neighbor’s fireplace was tickling my nose and making me think about cable knit sweaters


Molasses Banana-Oat Bread

This winter I have been changing up the flavor of our breakfast foods by using molasses in place of other forms of sugar. I used to keep a bottle of the thick dark syrup in the back of the cabinet (where it always seems sticky) for the very occasional batch of gingerbread.


Peanut Butter Oat Cookies

You can’t go wrong pairing a couple of these peanut butter cookies with a cup of tea or milk. They sweet, peanut buttery, and soft in the middle with just a hint of crispness around the edge. It is like a health minded evil villain zapped 7 dozen giant bakery cookies with a


Blackberry-Peach Muffins

We bought our home late in the fall and moved in early winter. Many months passed before we had our first glimpses of the plants hibernating in the yard. For the most part our house was flanked by low maintenance greenery interrupted by sparse hints of color. The simplicity of the yard


Cooking Matters: Confetti Pepper Cornbread

Thursday I am going to board a plane destined for Austin Texas and the annual Blogher Food conference. You can imagine how excited I am to be jetting off for four days. It is not often I am able to combine travel, education, meeting friends, & sleeping in a bed all by myself. My trip


Whole Wheat Weekend Waffles

This month we have settled into a comfortable weekend-morning routine. Mr. Second Helpings and the Little Helping wake up and work together on preparing coffee and smoothies. I indulge in a few additional minutes of head-on-pillow time before following them into the kitchen to make pancakes or waffles. There was no discussion


Friday Night Pizza Party & Recipe Video Debut

I have been trying to up the fun factor in our meals while I return my focus to eating in more than eating out. Even simple budget-friendly foods can be prepared and served in interesting ways. One evening Mr. Second Helpings arrived home a little earlier than usual. It was a Friday and


Simple Holiday Sides: Light & Buttery Drop Biscuits

This week there are thousands of people planning menus with sleek modern foods for Thanksgiving. I am not one of them. I like the cozy comfort of traditional favorites. However, honoring tradition doesn’t have to be done to the letter. Take these biscuits, for example. Mr. Second Helpings asked to have some


Summer Time Tomato & Sweet Onion Pie

I love when our family gathers for a meal and everything beyond the table falls away. I feel my shoulders drop, chest relax, and my eyes close just for a moment. We take the first few minutes and quietly chew. On the best of these days I will likely finish chewing announce that


Pre-Dawn Banana Bread Pancakes

Mr. Second Helpings and I graduated The Little Helping from a crib to a Big Boy Bed. The Little Helping was very excited but slept as normal until night number three. That night our house became an episode of Super Nanny with Little Helping springing from his bed as fast as we

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