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Celebrating 5 years and over 300 pounds of weight lost

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? It is such an easy question to ask but much more difficult to answer. I can tell you this: If I were forced to answer the question 5 years ago I couldn’t have begun to come close to what has unfolded. The time feels


How to Lose (or Maintain) Weight on Vacation

Over the past five years I have lost, gained and maintained weight while on vacation. Each time the key to success or a weighty surprise has been in the planning. Before you put so much as a sandle in your suitcase, ask yourself: “Do I want to gain, lose, or maintain my


Good health starts with diet not dieting

I was glancing at my calendar of “national _____ day(s)” and learned today, May 6th, is No Diet Day.  I was intrigued. After a brief search of the web I discovered No Diet Day is an international movement whose intent is celebrating bodies of all shapes and sizes. According to Wikipedia the


Reader Question: Overweight and Expecting – How much weight should I gain?

This week I am just over halfway through pregnancy #2. Since announcing my current pregnancy I have received a lot of great questions about having a healthy pregnancy. Readers, friends, and family have all been especially curious to know how I am dealing with weight gain this time around. Truthfully it has been


MyPlate on My Budget: We Ate $1300 in March

Throughout the month of March Jenny Bardsley of Teaching My Baby to Read took on the challenge of limiting her family’s food budget to only the USDA’s Thrifty Food Budget, about $560 for her family of four. That would have been challenge enough but she simultaneously attempted to feed them according to


Eat a whole grain breakfast: Attune Foods Breakfast Giveaway!

Eating breakfast everyday is a super important habit to make part of your healthy lifestyle. I have two favorite breakfasts. The first is a bowl of hot oatmeal. Every time I make oatmeal it is a little different. I like to change the type of milk I use, try various sweeteners, mix


Climbing Out of a Rut

From time to time I find myself getting sucked into a rut of lethargy and general funkiness. These are the days when I am most likely to stand infront of the open refrigerator and try to cure my ill ease with a snack, or three. During these times my to-do list feels


5 Simple Steps to Launch Your Weight Loss Resolution

It’s that time of year again! Time to look inward and think about all the ways you can become a better person. When the clock strikes midnight it will be time to take one last sip of alcohol, cut out caffeine, start arriving on-time, eliminate excess spending, and battle that bulge. Are you


Gluten Free? Me?

For the past couple weeks I have been eating gluten free. I have been wrestling with when to share this new development in my health journey. The thing is I don’t know yet if it is permanent, or if this experiment will show that I can go back to my normal varied


New York City Soda Ban Proposal

Oh New York City you trendy town you! Have you had a chance to read about the most recent nutrition regulations proposed by New York’s Mayor Bloomberg?  I haven’t been following the news very closely but when my most recent issue of TIME magazine fell open to a short article on the controversial issue