Creamy Chicken Basil Parmesan Linguini | Our Lady of Second Helpings

Speedy Supper: Creamy Chicken Basil Pasta

The word around the food blogger water cooler is, most folks are looking for simple family-friendly meals they can throw together in under 30 minutes. Great! Me too. I have previously confessed my work-in-progress time management skills. Sometimes I get busy doing things right before dinner time. Unfortunately, once my stomach starts growling I am already in trouble. I am going…

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Farmstr - The newest wave of the farm to table movement

Farmstr – The next wave of the farm to table movement

The FTC wants you to know: I purchased the chickens featured in this post but Farmstr provided me with additional product at no charge in exchange for writing about the company. In my very own opinion, those products were awesome and will be highlighted in future posts. [Update 5/1/2014: Farmstr is offering a complimentary dozen eggs to new customers on…

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Super simple family favorite - Crispy Cereal Coated Chicken

Cooking Matters! Crispy Cereal Coated Chicken

I have begun a new adventure! I have always felt very strongly that each and every person is worthy of good nutritious food. The fact is, in this country not everyone has access to healthy ingredients. Additionally, due to lack of information and resources many people are unfamiliar with the affordable healthy foods available in their region. This week marks…

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White Bean Chicken Chili | Our Lady of Second Helpings

MyPlate on My Budget: White Bean Chili

March is here and it is time to begin the MyPlate on My Budget Project in earnest! Project creator Jenny, of Teaching my Baby to Read, is hard at work sharing what she has discovering while attempting to feed her family of four with less than $20 a day. Among the topics she has already discussed are the cost of…

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