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How to Lose (or Maintain) Weight on Vacation

Over the past five years I have lost, gained and maintained weight while on vacation. Each time the key to success or a weighty surprise has been in the planning. Before you put so much as a sandle in your suitcase, ask yourself: “Do I want to gain, lose, or maintain my


Weekend Warriors – 5 Upcycled Wood Projects

One of the wonderful benefits of shedding a collective 300+ pounds is an increase in energy and physical ability for both Mr. Second Helpings and myself. Just yesterday we charged through a bedroom painting project in a couple of hours and marveled at easy it felt. Shortly after moving into our home


Tip Toeing Through The Tulips

On Friday our family packed a picnic and visited the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. I thought you might enjoy a few of the shots we captured in the fields. It is always a treat to be able to see row upon row of vibrant tulips up close. We even told The Little


5 Ways to Celebrate Earth & Arbor Days Throughout the Year

This week is framed by two wonderful days that remind us to be mindful citizens of the planet. When I think about Earth Day and Arbor Day I am inspired to find ways to protect and celebrate the wonders of the natural world. Monday, April 22nd is Earth Day, “an annual day


April 3rd is National Walking Day

Lace up those sneakers - Today is The American Heart Association’s National Walking Day! Please check with your healthcare provider before beginning a new routine. Walking is one of the few activities that I can fit in almost any time. Even at my heaviest I frequently chose walking as my method of


Put your Heart Into It

Today I took a little time out to show some love to myself. Even with a busy day ahead I spent 30 minutes jogging on our treadmill. Over the past few months I have been working to make physical activity a greater priority. Because it is Valentine’s Day and we are smack


Climbing Out of a Rut

From time to time I find myself getting sucked into a rut of lethargy and general funkiness. These are the days when I am most likely to stand infront of the open refrigerator and try to cure my ill ease with a snack, or three. During these times my to-do list feels


Workouts On Demand – Review and Giveaway!

Regular readers are aware of my recent frustrations over Netflix removal of all fitness content from their Instant Watch library (read my rants here and here). Well readers, it is time to move forward. A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely folks at Workouts On Demand. In exchange for reviewing the


Really Netflix??

Update 9/9/12: If you have stumbled upon this post looking for a way to stream workouts make sure to click over to my review of www.workoutsondemand.com and enter the membership giveaway or take advantage of the 55% reader discount. Good afternoon Netflix Users and Our Lady Readers! It has been a few


Slideshow! Weight Watchers Photo Shoot and NYC Snapshots

IT’S HERE! FINALLY Our New York pictures are finally ready for viewing.  I don’t know why getting this post ready became such a struggle for me.  Some projects are just overwhelming. I thought it would be fun to assemble them into a slideshow so I could include a few more images than