Three Great Day Hikes for Kids (and their Parents) in Western Washington

Three Great Day Hikes for Kids (and their Parents) in Western Washington

Hopefully that last post inspired you to pack a snack and hit the trail! In case you are wondering where to go for your first hikes, here are my reviews of the trails we have explored this month. I’d love to know where your family likes to hike. Please leave a note in the comments to inspire our next adventure!…

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Hiking with kids is a great (screen free) family activity

The Joy of Hiking with Kids

This month our family has gone on several day hikes. I’ve got to say it feels really good to get out and breathe fresh mountain air. The scent of fir needles baking on a sun drenched forest floor is invigorating. These little excursions have been therapeutic for my body and my mind. I am particularly fond of hiking at a…

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Spring Cleaning 2: "Out out damn spot" by Sheila Y via Flickr

The Houseworkout

  Every day I come across reminders of the powerful connection between the mind and the body. There is a reason phrases like “keep your head in the game” are used so often. If you have been struggling to overcome a stumbling block in your health journey I highly suggest you make sure your mind and your body are working…

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How to Lose Weight on Vacation!

How to Lose (or Maintain) Weight on Vacation

Planing to lose weight on vacation can be tricky. In many cases you are setting yourself up to go against the cultural norm. Over the past five years I have lost, maintained, and gained weight while on vacation. Each time the key to success or a weighty surprise has been in the planning. What follows is my personal strategy when…

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