Virtual Field Trip: Guest Posting at Attune Foods


Fill your water bottles and pack a snack. Today I am taking you on a virtual field trip!

I was recently invited to share my thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions with the readers of The Attune Foods Blog. Head over to their site to read A New Year to Make Healthy Choices. While you are there take a few minutes to explore the rest of their site. Read Attune’s commitment to customer health and well-being. Make sure to check out some of their healthy and most importantly yummy products.

Make it a great week!

Thank you Attune Foods for the honor and opportunity.


  1. This post was actually how I found your site. I too am on a weightless journey (although not as much weight.) Much of the stuff suggested in this article are how I got myself up and motivated a couple years ago. I lost 20+ pounds and a pant size. Then I stalled. I’ve started eating healthy again and trying to keep to whole foods. I’m exercising again as well. I hope to use your blog as motivation to keep my new way of life going. Because this isn’t a “diet”, it’s a new and better way to live life.

    • Congratulations on your progress and recommitment to your health. You sound like you already have a great outlook. I wish you all the best on your journey. Stop by and leave an update anytime!

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