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So… My Toddler’s Eating in the Closet

Last week I had an experience that caught me completely off guard and shook me to my core. While scurrying around getting ready to leave the house, The Little Helping asked me for some pretzels.  I told him, “not now,” and explained that it was not snack time. I also reminded him of his


Making Pizza – A Poem

Today for the first time I hear Fall knocking on the door. Pandora is serenading me – Patti Griffin, Joan Osborn, Cat Power, Stevie Nicks… Child slumbering. Toes toasty in fuzzy pink socks. The extra large mug of tea on the desk still half full of milky warmth. And rain. Absent 67 days. A


A Humble Request and The Workouts On Demand Winner

Happy Wednesday Readers! The Workouts On Demand giveaway has ended and winner has been chosen – I put all the entries into a basket and The Little Helping picked one.  I am excited to announce, Janet S. is the winner!  Yay! Janet! I will make sure you get connected with Workouts On Demand


Summer Time Tomato & Sweet Onion Pie

I love when our family gathers for a meal and everything beyond the table falls away. I feel my shoulders drop, chest relax, and my eyes close just for a moment. We take the first few minutes and quietly chew. On the best of these days I will likely finish chewing announce that


Simple-to-Make Vegan Spinach Pesto

While I was cooking up a storm at the daycare center this summer, I was also learning some fun lessons.  One of the tastiest was how quick and simple it is to make pesto from scratch. When I first saw Pesto Pasta on the menu I will admit I was a bit


It’s hot in here and it’s not just the chilies

I have come to the conclusion that late summer produce is the sexiest of all the produce. Unlike their bright and cheerful spring cousins, late summer fruits and vegetables have spent months carefully maturing. They linger on their vines and branches swelling throughout the intense heat of midsummer. Their flavors become fuller, more concentrated, while


Workouts On Demand – Review and Giveaway!

Regular readers are aware of my recent frustrations over Netflix removal of all fitness content from their Instant Watch library (read my rants here and here). Well readers, it is time to move forward. A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely folks at Workouts On Demand. In exchange for reviewing the


Low Fat Banana Berry Bread

Saturday Quickie! After a week of posting breakfast recipes I inspired myself to combine all the ideas into one creation! Low Fat Banana Berry Bread This was one of my baking “experiments.” The flavor rocked my socks but the texture came out gooey in the middle. Makes 1 dozen 2 servings Mash


A Healthy Muffin Recipe that is Kid Approved

It is not everyday that I get to have a deep conversation with my 2 1/2 year old, but yesterday he piped up with something that made my now healthy heart sing. We were hanging out in the kitchen – me, washing dishes; him quietly eating lunch. After a few minutes of comfortable


An Oatmeal Pancake Compromise

It was not particularly early in the morning but I was trying to sneak in just a few more minutes of dozing before leaving the comfort of my bed.  I was thinking dreamily about the perfectly ripe nectarines in the kitchen and how I was going to heap them on top of


Back to School Breakfast – Blueberry Lime Waffles

Raise your hand if you have memorized watched the movie Grease 2! At the beginning of the movie, all the characters dance around and sing about going “back, back, back to school again.”  It is a catchy little tune that plays on a loop in the back of my mind every year

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