Really Netflix??

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Good afternoon Netflix Users and Our Lady Readers!

It has been a few weeks since the removal of all of the on-demand workout videos from Netflix Instant Watch collection.  Today I gave Netflix a call today to find out when we may have our workouts back. I spoke to Brent (who was not a great listener). I let him know I had called a few weeks ago and was looking for an update.

First he needed to access my account, so I gave him my information.  Then he told me that the videos were removed following studios raising the price but user demand not meeting the cost increase. It did seem that he was able to access some information in their system that showed a “pending” status on some titles such as 10 Minute Workouts.  At this point it seems to be no time line to return fitness videos to the Instant Watch customers.

He did direct me to where there are daily updates on what is popular, coming soon, and leaving soon.  The site is a bit of a jumble and appears to be run by a third party. I couldn’t locate any coming soon titles.  There were a few small Netflix badges off to the side but my favorite part was the full screen baner ad across the bottom for Hulu.  Nice.

Once again I tried to throw my non-existant weight around.  I told Brent that I write a blog and my post about the workouts being cancelled has been receiving hundreds of hits from internet searches (Welcome Googlers!). Once again my self declared celebrity status had no effect on the tone of the conversation. Sorry. At the end of the call I stayed on the line for the one question survey and chose the “dissatisfied” option.  I generally don’t provide negative feedback to a specific customer service interaction but this time I really wasn’t satisfied at the end of the call.


Not 30 seconds later I got an email that as per my request they have cancelled my Streaming plan.  Wait? What!

Back on the phone I spoke to another, more alert, service agent.  He made a few hmm’s and ahh’s when my account screen came up before putting me on hold to check on something.  Once he returned my account was reactivated with no further action needed on my part.


I got one email that my user name was changed and a second email that my password was changed.  Both at my request.  Now I can’t log in.

da;;lksdf09382q0-9   <——- head hits keyboard.

So I call back.  After a several painful attempts to spell my eight letter email address for the customer service agent she tried looking up the account via my credit card number. With the account infront of her she tells me that I “forgot the 14.”  “I forgot the what?” “You forgot the number in your email.”

Readers, I have had the same personal email address since I was 12. It has never had a numeric character in it.  When I told the customer service agent that the address was not mine and had never been she just said something to the effect of, “I’m only telling you what your email is here.”  BUT THAT IS NOT MY EMAIL ADDRESS! Is what I wanted to yell. I didn’t.

We resolved the email situation and she gave me a temporary password – the highly secure and extremely popular 1-2-3-4-5 – which I have since changed.  A quick glance at “my account” shows that my service is still marked to be canceled. awesome.

At this point I have to ask once again for my account to be uncanceled.  She laughs when I tell her what has happened.  I am not laughing.  I will probably laugh about this in the future but I need about 24 hours to be irritated.  While I am being irritated I need The Little Helping to be able to watch Thomas – instantly – via Netflix. Damn it! They have me where it counts.

If you would like to contact Netflix to ask for your workouts back

  • Call: 1-800-585-7265.
  • Contact them via instant chat: log in at and click “help” in the upper right hand corner of their home page.  Choose “Chat Support” under the “Don’t See What You Need” heading.
  • Tweet: @netflix or @netflixhelps

Be polite but – for the love of your sanity – only give them your first name!

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