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Day 3 – A Small Fire, No Cook Couscous, and Smoothies

Blessedly last week’s remaining three days went by far less eventfully than Day 2. I was happy to have our skilled kitchen assistant back and ready to rock and roll.  All the food was served hot or cold as appropriate and pretty much on time. Wednesday I learned that the pilot lights


Iron Chef Impossible – Preschool Edition

HOLY MOLY! This cooking job is hard. Crazy hard. Day 2 began a smidge later than day 1 and a little worse for wear. I was greeted with the news that the hard-working kitchen assistant would not be coming in for the day. Breathe in. Breathe out. There is no sinking, only


Now I’m a Professional Cook

I have begun a brand new adventure in my little food world. I am temporarily filling in as the full time cook at a large child care center in North Seattle.  I have been a little nervous but mostly excited to stretch my cooking skills on a much larger scale.  The kitchen


Some Saucy Chops that are NOT Boring

This week we missed our Monday Weight Watchers meeting and rather than holding out for our Wednesday backup I suggested we check out the Tuesday crowd to see what they are up to. The leader was bright, cheerful, and enthusiastic.  She presented the material with a smile but there was something about


Start The Day with10 Minutes of Luxury

  Life can keep us moving fast.  Faster than we may like at times.  I really enjoy having a simple breakfast that when assembled feels luxurious and indulgent. When it is cool I make oatmeal and toss in spices, creamy soy milk, toasted nuts, dried fruit, or anything else that I think


New York City Soda Ban Proposal

Oh New York City you trendy town you! Have you had a chance to read about the most recent nutrition regulations proposed by New York’s Mayor Bloomberg?  I haven’t been following the news very closely but when my most recent issue of TIME magazine fell open to a short article on the controversial issue


Creamy Lemon-Dill Linguini with Clams

Spaghetti with clams was a regular part of my mom’s week night meal rotation.  Canned clams and dry pasta were always in the pantry and the sauce was simply milk thickened with flour and margarin.  The dish was a simple and inexpensive way to get dinner on the table.  Mom’s sauce was


The Mower, The Grill, and The Man who Loved Them

With Father’s Day approaching I am keeping my dad on my mind a little more this week. My childhood memories of my father live in all of my senses.  I was just telling a couple of people about his weekly summer time ritual of grilling on his Webber kettle and listening to


Chocolate Espresso Birthday Cake

The past few years I have chosen to enjoy a cupcake for my birthday dessert. I made the process special by going to a cupcake bakery and picking two luscious cakes with tempting dollops of buttercream frosting and some sprinkles.  I really enjoyed my little ritual but this year I celebrated a decade birthday.


Dirty Thirty 5K Event Recap

I’m thirty!  Hooray! A couple months ago I made a plan to mark my big 3 – 0 by running my first full 5K (3.1 miles).  I organized The Dirty Thirty 5K and asked for anyone who wanted to join me. Last Sunday the day of the event arrived. The final Dirty Thirty


Chicken Merguez Garden Soup

I think grey rainy days were divinely designed for homemade soup. The kind where you throw everything in the pot and let its warmth draw everyone to the kitchen. The problem is grey days in June are not quite the same as grey days in November. At this point we aren’t preparing

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