Ready, Set, Start!

I have been so wrapped up in a sugary haze I let a major milestone pass quietly – I reached my personal goal weight.

Whoops, hang on…*tap, tap*  [clears throat]


As of two weeks ago, I am 51.4 % lighter than I was at my first Weight Watchers meeting in August 2008.  Not only have I shed the weight of an entire person but I shed an overweight person. I am thrilled but I think I am still processing what this means.  I recently likened the achievement to having a birthday.  When you wake up on your birthday you are a year older on paper but nothing really feels different.  I have also thought about it in terms of a graduation.  I have earned a masters degree in changing my life.

Now what…?

Now I embrace the future with exuberance and enthusiasm!  I expect to continue learning, making mistakes, and asking for a lot of grace.

This afternoon I spent some time looking around on the web for an image of a finish line to accompany this post.  After awhile I realized I was searching for the wrong end of the race.  This journey only has one finish line.  In the meantime I have the gift (and it is a gift) of starting fresh everyday. Hitting my personal goal weight was a huge accomplishment, a life long dream realized, but I am already setting new goals and looking forward to new milestones.  There is so much more to do and many things I have yet to imagine.  This journey is truly awesome and to take it all I had to do was start!

Starting LIne

“Start Starting Line Americorps Cinema Service Night Wilcox Park May 20, 20117 by stevendepolo, on Flickr”
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