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Rhubarb and Orange Compote

As the weather warms and locally-grown produce begins to arrive at our grocery stores and farmers’ markets, I feel like I am reuniting with old friends.  It has only been the last few years that I paid much attention to when various produce was in season.  Partially due to economics, in season


5 Pounds of Rhubarb!

Today I bought 5 pounds of rhubarb at the farmers’ market. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to start cooking things featuring this fabulous spring vegetable. That’s right it’s a vegetable! I have a few ideas tickling my brain but I thought it would be fun to poll


Good Morning Muffins

Back in ye olde days, when I worked in an office, the coffee shop around the corner occasionally sold Morning Glory Muffins.  They were decadently moist, sweet, a little spicy, and huge.  Every so often I would treat myself to one and try to eat it over two days.  At the time I pretended


The Dirty Thirty 5k

Readers in the Seattle area I hope you will come out for this event!  Readers outside of the area mark your calendars to spend the day being active along with us.  Send pictures of your activity to  I’ll try to feature everyone’s images on the blog the week after the event.


Happily (Still) Married!

Last Saturday was Mr. Second Helpings and my 5th wedding anniversary. We marked the day by re-exchanging our newly resized wedding rings. I don’t think we could have designed a nicer day. The sun shone warm and bright all day. I bustled around in the kitchen preparing a special meal while Mr. Second


Your New Go-To Meal: Sesame-Crusted Tofu

It is great to have a variety of go-to meals stored in your mental recipe collection.  These meals can generally be pulled together using freezer and pantry staples, and though they may be written down somewhere the precise recipe is no longer needed. Alas even those back up ideas can become dull


Vancouver Here We Come!

The Second Helpings are getting ready to head north to beautiful Vancouver, B.C. It will be our first family vacation via train!  I am so excited to see how The Little Helping reacts to this new way of traveling. I am preparing myself for him to be unimpressed but based on the


It’s a Spanx-Wearing Bikini-less Life!

[Heads up! This post contains a very tasteful image of a nude model in profile. It may be unsuitable for some readers or reading environments.] Last week a friend of mine read an article on the US Edition of The Guardian newspaper’s website through Facebook that was broadcast onto her friends News


Ready, Set, Start!

I have been so wrapped up in a sugary haze I let a major milestone pass quietly – I reached my personal goal weight. Whoops, hang on…*tap, tap*  [clears throat] I HAVE REACHED MY PERSONAL GOAL WEIGHT!!!! As of two weeks ago, I am 51.4 % lighter than I was at my first


Simple Toasted Coconut Meringues

Easter – Bunnies – Baskets – Colors – Eggs – Meringues! I though it would be fun to craft a post showing a meringue in every Spring color.  I have been planning it for weeks.  I started scouting grocery stores for extracts and arranged to borrow some gel food dyes.  I even


Better (Baked) Sweet Potato Fries

A couple of years ago I caught an episode of the Rachel Ray Show that changed my life! In the episode she demonstrated two tips for making oven fries that were so simple I couldn’t believe I had never seen them before. I have never looked back. The first tip she shared


Ah Sugar, Sugar…

Confession: I have been nibbling a variety of chocolate mini eggs without paying attention to the quantity for the last two weeks. Taking them out of their noisy cellophane bags and displaying them in a cute jar made it very easy to breeze through the kitchen and snag a couple (or more).

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