Not your average chips and dip. Pretzel Crisps with low calorie creamy dips

Super Bowl Snacks – Skinny Dipping!

Who doesn’t love foods that can be dipped? My toddler usually demands something to dip into at every meal. He would very much approve of all the suggestions in this post. Most finger food buffets start with the obligatory tray of veggies and fruit.  They are easy to make and even quicker to grab already assembled.  This week local grocery…

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Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Super Bowl = Pizza Party

I am not a follower of sports games but apparently next week one of the biggest sports games of the year is going to be played.  While fans around the country tune in to watch men in spandex jump all over each other, even more people will be engaged in America’s true favorite pass time – snacking.  Well I say…

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home made chinese food,

Orange Ginger Chicken and Easy “Fried” Rice

Chinese Food Sign, a photo by fab4chiky on Flickr. I remember really liking Americanized Chinese food from a very young age.  I am sure it had a lot to do with the methods of preparation all those sugary, salty, breaded, and fried dishes triggered my brain to release a shot of dopamine into my system.  I considered it to be feel good…

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Frozen Mixed Vegetables in Measuring Cup

Nuts and Bolts: Add More Vegetables!

The new USDA Daily Plate model recommends filling our plates half full with fruits and vegetables (per Fruits & Veggies More  I think this is a terrific guideline, however, cost and seasonal availability can make achieving this goal a difficult task.  One of my favorite tips to work more produce into the average diet is with frozen vegetables. In…

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