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Super Bowl Snacks – Skinny Dipping!

Who doesn’t love foods that can be dipped? My toddler usually demands something to dip into at every meal. He would very much approve of all the suggestions in this post. Most finger food buffets start with the obligatory tray of veggies and fruit.  They are easy to make and even quicker


Super Bowl = Pizza Party

I am not a follower of sports games but apparently next week one of the biggest sports games of the year is going to be played.  While fans around the country tune in to watch men in spandex jump all over each other, even more people will be engaged in America’s true


Orange Ginger Chicken and Easy “Fried” Rice

Chinese Food Sign, a photo by fab4chiky on Flickr. I remember really liking Americanized Chinese food from a very young age.  I am sure it had a lot to do with the methods of preparation all those sugary, salty, breaded, and fried dishes triggered my brain to release a shot of dopamine into my


Nuts and Bolts: Add More Vegetables!

The new USDA Daily Plate model recommends filling our plates half full with fruits and vegetables (per Fruits & Veggies More  I think this is a terrific guideline, however, cost and seasonal availability can make achieving this goal a difficult task.  One of my favorite tips to work more produce into


Snowy Outside, Peaceful Inside

One thing I really like about living where I do it the temperate climate.  Yes we see many cloudy days but rarely do we have an entire week of weather that keeps us stuck indoors.  There are of course exceptions to this rule.  Every few years we get a real dose of


Applesauce Spice Bread

My neighborhood is currently in the midst of what could be the biggest snow fall of the decade.  I don’t have to go anywhere and am really enjoying the wintry weather.  After a few days of watching the snow outside my windows I was really in the mood for something freshly baked.  Something warm


Nuts and Bolts – Measure First aka Portion Control

When we started losing weight I didn’t want to get bogged down by all sorts of gadgets and gimmicks. However, a couple weeks in I realized, a few tools were going to be helpful in sustaining our progress. This brings me to my next Nuts and Bolts basic concept – measuring food


A Hearty Winter Meal – Low Carb Style

Recently Mr. Second Helpings and I had a little meeting of the minds.  We identified a mutual desire to replace some of the usual grains on our dinner table with squash or other hearty vegetables.  We realized that our bodies just seem to function better with more colorful plant based fiber and


Nuts and Bolts: Have a Drink!

The number one all time absolute best tip for anyone trying to improve their health is…drink water.   Seriously. About a month ago I happened to overhear a conversation at the YMCA where a woman half heartedly lamented to a trainer that she had been working out for a year but only


So Glad You Are Here!

Welcome to the new home of Our Lady of Second Helpings! I have always envisioned this blog as my virtual kitchen table so I have formatted our new space around my actual kitchen table.  Come on in and take a seat. I’ll make coffee and serve up some delicious healthy snacks.  While


Time for a Snack! – Chocolate Popcorn Trail Mix

I love popcorn! The fluffy and crunchy kernels make an easy snack to curb the mid afternoon munchies.  A big bowl of warm popcorn is the perfect thing to curl up with while watching a movie (sorry Honey).  Popcorn a fantastic blank canvas to turn savory or sweet and can calm many


Nuts and Bolts – Building a Health Community

I am always grateful for my health community and the support it has provided me along my way.  It is many-faceted and that is one of the most important parts of how it functions in my life.  Building a community to support a life change is not as straight forward as picking a program

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