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When the going gets tough, the tough make soup

Times are tight all over.  Our family, like so many others, is having to take a hard look at our finances and make some uncomfortable choices.  I share this not because I want to get into a discussion of money management but because I want to share that I am struggling with stress and


Leftover Thanksgiving Dinner Pizza!

Last night I embarked upon what may have been my greatest culinary experiment to date.  I don’t want to over sell this, but, I believe what I did with leftover turkey would have made even the most proper puritan dance with glee! Last weekend my husband and I popped into an ATM


In Thanksgiving

Like so many others today I am taking stock of all that I have to be thankful for.  I hardly know where to begin.  This Thanksgiving my heart is so full I feel like a shiny penny, renewed and excited for all that is to come.   I am thankful to have learned


Fall Squash Challenge – Baby Blue Hubbard and Golden Nugget

With all of the fun activities going on lately I have gotten behind in my squash posts.  Today I have two new varieties to inspire your autumn eating. Baby Blue Hubbard This squash really threw me for a loop.  I prepared it right on the heels of declaring my preference for savory squash.  I


Pumpkin Pancakes on a Winter Morning

This morning, before getting up, I read the latest blog post by Nourished Fitness. In the post she shares a couple of recipes featuring pumpkin and protein powder; a smoothie and pancakes. I don’t have any protein powder in the house but I do have a nice supply of canned pumpkin. The idea


Holiday Meal Tips and Lightened Up Favorites

Whether you count, calories, carbs, points, or minutes until your next meal, Thanksgiving can be the beginning of a tricky time for people trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Family and social events are more heavily centered around food this time of year than any other in the western calendar. It’s not that just


Recipe Exchange and Potluck

I have discovered one of the most frustrating things about blogging is – time.  There are so many ideas popping around in my head but finding the time to turn them into printed words can be challenging.  This post is a month later than I hoped it would be but still tasty!


Will Bake for Food – My Recap

I need to say again how honored I am to have been a part of last weekend’s Will Bake for Food fund-raiser and food drive.  The Jennys of Purple House Dirt and Rainy Day Gal blogs did a phenomenal job of organizing things.  When all of us bloggers showed up Saturday morning they were


Blogs Doing Good – Will Bake for Food Recipes

I have been looking forward to today for weeks.  I am going to join with around 50 or 60 other food bloggers from the Seattle area to put on a good old fashion bake sale.  I am really excited and totally nervous to be offering my treats alongside all of these creative


I Made it to GOAL!

On Monday night, August 18th 2008, my husband and I attended our very first Weight Watchers meeting. My starting weight was 276.6 pounds. Last night, November 7th 2011, 3 years, 2 months and 19 days later, I reached my goal weight. I am now 46% smaller than I was on that first


Fall Farmer’s Market Visit – In Pictures

Last Friday our family attended the final day of the Richland, WA Farmers’ Market.  I really enjoy this particular farmers’ market.  It is held on Friday mornings from June through October and occupies several blocks in the very walkable heart of Richland.  Over the last few weeks I have been taking a


Squash of the Week – White Swan Acorn

I needed a quick dinner on Wednesday night so I thought it would be a good opportunity to try cooking a squash in the microwave.  I hadn’t fully cooked one in the microwave before but knew it was a possibility and have had feedback from a reader that it worked well for

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