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Disfigured – A Movie and a Mindset

“I wish I had your problems.  You don’t know how lucky you have it!” At many times in my life, I have found myself thinking that another person’s problems would be so much easier than my own.  I listened longingly to people moan about being too busy to eat or lamenting their


Our Lady of Second Helpings News and Events!

Hey everyone there are a couple of things that I would like to share with you, my readers.First – If you haven’t already, take a moment to “like” the Our Lady of Second Helpings Facebook Page.  You can link to it from here on the blog or type into your web


Stripetti Squash Another Winner!

This week we tried another new squash and once again it was a complete hit! All the squashes I bought recently have a little sticker on them with a brief description of their flavor and uses.  I was excited to try the Stripetti because the sticker let me know it was a


Tricky Treats – calorie free goodies that won’t get you egged!

This is the time of year many people throw their hands in the air and their resolve to be healthy out the window.  DON’T DO IT!!  Take a deep breath and keep reading.  We are all going to make it through together one holiday at a time.  There can be a lot


The Fall Squash Challenge – Buttercup Squash

I like to call of myself an adventurous eater but, I am embarrassed to say, I have not ventured very far into the colorful world of squash.  This fall and winter I have assigned myself a fun little challenge – try all of those bumpy, warty, unusual looking squash that I have


The Chew, a Review and a Recipe – Apple Pancake Rings

This week, ABC launched a new daytime talk show called “The Chew“.  I caught the first two episodes, and while it has a bit of a frantic pace it has the potential to settle into an entertaining and informative program.  The set is a large kitchen including a breakfast bar that seats


Boot Camp – SURPRISE!

On Tuesday I got up and left the house in time to get to a Pilates class at the YMCA.  It was a rushed affair getting myself and my toddler out the door but I was feeling good that I made it in time to rush in before the class began.  As

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