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APPLES! Picking, Saucing, Canning

This summer I have been a bit like a squirrel saving as many summer foods as I can to last us through the winter.  I have been filling our freezer with gallon bags of berries and nectarines for smoothies and baking.  Now that the air is crisper I have become fixated on


Slow Cooker, Fast Food – Crockpot Lasagna from Cooking Light

School is back in full swing, the leaves are turning golden and today at my house the weather is deliciously rainy and gray.  Time for some warm hearty dinners that won’t derail my weight loss goals! Last week I pulled out my slow cooker and got busy making one of my favorite


Be, Do, Have

Have you ever seen this image?  I hadn’t before Monday when Pam, our Weight Watchers leader, drew it on the board.  Now I have to admit my attention was divided between what she was sharing and my son throwing cereal on the floor so I may have missed some key points, but,


Bringing our food to the table

Often as a part of our before dinner prayer I include a request to, “bless all the hands that brought this food to our table.” When I started saying the words I didn’t stop to think about what they really meant. I suppose I thought about farmers, ranchers, and grocers but it

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