Monthly Archive:: August 2011


Shoot for the moon if only to land among the stars

I have reached the end of the month and it is time for the official numbers on my goal of losing 8 pounds. Week 1 – I tracked my eating, got some exercise and when I weighed in I had gained a pound.  Much stomping ensued.  I complained that things were not


Goal Progress Update

I have no big news to report.  Since my great declaration I have progressed .2 pounds toward my goal.  I will say, however, that in general I feel good.  I have been much more mindful about what is going in my mouth than I have for several months.  I also find myself


Doing What I Have Never Done

“To Achieve What We Have Never Achieved, We Must Do What We Have Never Done!” I can’t remember who said this but I find myself coming back to it over and over in the years since I first heard it.  “To achieve what we have never achieved, we must do what we


Approaching a Milestone

I am within 8 pounds of my Weight Watchers goal weight – 8 POUNDS!!  This is a milestone that three years ago I couldn’t even let myself think about.  If I thought too much about what life was going to be like when I lost over 100 pounds I would have frozen

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