Berry Picking

Earlier this year we were lucky enough to get a second freezer for our garage.  As soon as we plugged it in I knew that it was destined to be filled with berries!  My husband and I really like to have frozen berries in the house to whip up smoothies on the weekends.  The price of a bag of berries,…

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Post Vacation Reality Check

Last week we went on a family vacation.  It was a lot of fun relaxing and spending time with my extended family.  I tried to make healthy choices for my meals and get outside and play often.  Still when I stepped on the scale the morning after getting home I was greeted with a higher number than when I left….

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I Forgive Me (and you)

Sometimes we just need to hear it from someone else before we can say it to ourselves.  I forgive you.  Whatever it is that happened that has caused you to stop treating yourself in a healthy way, I forgive you.The other day in a moment of midday weakness I ate more ice cream than I intended.  It doesn’t matter if…

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Indoor S’mores

  I love to have a s’more (or several) on the Fourth of July.  There is something about the combo of graham cracker, chocolate and gooey marshmallow that just makes me think, “God Bless America.”  Another highlight of s’mores, compared to many other traditional picnic treats they are not going to throw you off the conscientious eater wagon (as long…

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