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A Bit About The Author

  I never was a dieter; maybe I should have been.  I subscribed to the theory that dieting was ultimately bad for you and having yo-yoing weight was not a healthy way to live.  In my mind this was permission to remain obese. I tried the odd diet here and there but


Have you tried…, wait how do you say that again?

Quinoa, “Keen-Wa,” I love it!  Have you tried it?  If you haven’t I hope that what you read here will convince you to sample it. I can’t remember when I first tried quinoa, but I do know that I liked it immediately.  In my opinion the little grains (which are actually seeds)


A Beginning, Oatmeal Ideas

I would like to begin my blog as I begin my day – with breakfast. Growing up we frequently had a box of flavored instant oatmeal in the pantry next to the cold cereal. I remember choosing it often in the winter and making it in the microwave. My favorite flavor was

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